My intention is to be of service to others by sharing my story.

Ashton Colby, 27, is a social entrepreneur, certified yoga teacher, YouTuber and writer from Columbus, Ohio.  He began his gender transition in 2012 and has since become a spiritual bridge-builder reimagining the traditional media narratives of what it means to be transgender. Ashton is a translator between the transgender community and religious ideology that aims to alienate transgender people from their inherent wholeness


He regularly speaks at high schools and universities. His story and YouTube channel, “Beyond the Body,” have been featured on People.com, Today.com and many other media outlets.  His YouTube channel has 15,000 subscribers and over two million views from 128 countries. Ashton speaks on not just the physical, but the mental, emotional, and spiritual changes one must undergo to not simply transition but thrive.


As a social entrepreneur, Ashton founded Gender YOUphoria, a movement that flips the script on the diagnosis of gender dysphoria, which is required for transgender people to access medical transition. Gender YOUphoria gives name to the profound peak experience of finally aligning all areas of life through gender expression. GenderYOUphoria.com is set to launch later this year.Ashton regularly teaches yoga and meditation to transgender youth, and teaches donation-based classes for LGBTQ+ adults. He’s on track to complete 100-hour EMBER training which equips yoga teachers to provide trauma sensitive classes.